These are some of our most frequently asked questions!

Q: How can I cut back and polish the CHEMSET Enamelling and Doming resins?

A: You can cut back and polish CHEMSET Enamelling and Doming resins in the same way you would a rigid plastic. Make sure the resin is fully cured then use wet and dry sandpaper and finally polish using jewellers rouge, a plastic polish or T-Cut.

Q: How can I remove cured enamel from my precious metal piece when it goes wrong?

A: You can remove cured resin using CHEMSET AP 1105 Epoxy Stripper Solution. This acts on the resin by swelling it and reducing it to a crumbling mass, which can then be washed off. However, it will attack anything plastic so be careful!

Q: Is the cured resin safe?

A: When mixed in the correct ratio and properly cured the CHEMSET Epoxy Enamelling Systems are inert and free from toxic substances.

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