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Here are some products that will help you with your enamelling.


These are absolutely necessary for using Brights Enamels.  All our enamels are mixed in a 2:1 ratio by weight, otherwise they will not cure properly.

Mixing cups and Sticks

Disposable cups and sticks are the best things to use to mix the enamels.  Re-use them, then throw them away when they become too messy.

The Mixing Cups are available in packs of 20, 100 and 2000.

The Mixing Sticks are available in packs of 100 and 10,000.


Travabon Special Hand Cream

This stops the enamels from staining your hands.

Travabon Special is supplied in 100ml tubes and 1000ml bottles.

Aqueous Cleaner (CHEMSET AP 1120)

For cleaning your tools.

Available in 100ml, 500ml, 2.5l bottles and in an introductory pack that includes a 2l bottle of cleaner, cleaning bucket and brush.

Flexi Mould (CHEMSET AP 1401)

A silicon mould mix. The two parts should be mixed in equal quantities till an even light blue colour is made.

Available in 750g, 2kg and 10kg packs.


For small amounts of hardener.

They are supplied with the 15g, 25g and 30g bottles of hardener and are also available for the 90g bottles of hardener.

They can be bought from Resin8 Craft Supplies Ltd.


Special hand cleaner for paints, resins etc.

Slig is supplied in 1000ml bottles


High power cleansing lotion with ester oils to remove resins, paints etc.

ResSolve is suppied in 50ml and 250ml bottles.

Graduated Mixing Cups

For the mixing of enamel in small quantites by volume.

(Information leaflet to follow soon)

Available in packs of 10.

Miniature Mixing Cups

For mixing vey small amounts of enamel.

Available in packs of 10.